Bike wont idle without throttle. I'm guessing I may need to go through the carb This is usually caused by the idle screw being turned too high on the carburetor. Fuel tank Charcoal Canister is clogged by dirt or old fuel and isn’t allowing enough fuel to the carburetor. And welcome to SBN!! Moderator - New riders, help me fix it and riders' gear. The idle will come down if your intakes are leaking. On the first ride it started off running great. Also, it won't be the main jetthe main is responsible for 1/2-full throttle more than anything else. The bike runs perfectly when on the road, but will not idle at a stop or when started for more than 15-30 seconds. Only show this user. off at the bottom, half and full. After doing plenty of searching on the forums I decided to clean the carbs and replace the spark plugs. I have to open the choke to crank it and leave the choke open some while it warms up. Once its warm, it won't take the choke and still won't idle. 5 turns IN until it stops, now turn it back out 2. Spark Plugs Black - Carbon buildup on insulator and electrodes of plug. When the engine keeps stalling or bogs down or stalls when applying throttle. Good morning all, I have a new to me 07 500r that won't idle when hot. Hi everyone, I'm new to this and i need a little help, i have a 2005 ranger 500 (carb) that won't idle. If it works, the idle will need to be reset. Open and close the throttle a few times and check the feel. Regardless, if it idled before, and now it doesn't, you're not gonna So my 05' 600runs great the only problem im having with it is that it will only cold start if i give it throttle. The bigger issue with the throttle cable is if it is too loose you will not get full throttle. I let the clutch out some to drag the idle back down to where it was sitting at about 1300 rpms. If it is in neutral and full throttle is applied then the bike will fall to idle and then blip up to about 4,000-5,000 RPM and then fall back to idle. So if it. It may be there, but it probably isn't preventing the bike from idling. Put it back together and it should run great. Spray out every hole you can find, remove jets, clean with air, remove float and check float needle. Haven't ridden my motorized bike with a 212cc predator engine in a month. It wont have a throttle cable. Took the carb apart, was extremely gunked up and choke line was stuck inside the carb (stuck choke out). - Garage temp sits around 1-2C, so 33-35F. I then got down under the bike and turned the idle screw out until the idle was steady at 1000 rpms. Doesn't seem to run unless I'm on the accellerator pump (pumping the gas peddle). Assuming it is the stock CV carb, the fuel screw is on the front side of the bowl (side closest to the cylinder) you can really reach it without either a special screwdriver, or rotating the carb so the bottom of it points towards the left side of the bike. Basically, a 125 should be WOT or turned off. Should tank have been removed in the first place to replace cables and could there have been collateral damage because it was not. Carburetor Isn’t Jetted Correctly 8. Re: 2005 CRF150F won't idle. To start with the bike would not idle without the choke open full with choke closed it idles very rough and with any blip of the throttle the bike will cut on. 470 12. I could only get it going by keeping the throttle up high. Make sure the throttle cable has tension and is moving the slide valve up and down inside of carburetor. stalls even in neutra : tamale_2 said 2010-08-16 11:55 I´m new to the forum and newish to motorcycles overall. Wipes off your finger as sooty and back. When the engine idles fine but won’t rev up, it is a sign of it getting too little fuel, but it can also be because it is getting too much fuel. I just took the boot apart and coated the outside with a glue that would harden and fill up the cracks. But ultimately a little throttle keeps it going, then it will idle. Go watch any small bore 2 stroke races and you'll see people continually blipping the throttle in an effort to prevent fouling. I pulled the filter and sprayed some starting fluid down the chute and nothing. Use a syringe and confirm fuel can go in through idle jet and out through idle drilling in carby mouth. the choke has 3 positions. Repeat until whatever's clogged busts through and the bike has power again. Turn the screw all the way in, and it should idle, then back it out to bring it down. Still, in a real pinch, a cable that has recently stuck can, most times, be salvaged by: Removing the cable from the bike. Anything above that and the bike falls to idle and just sits there if it is in gear. Looking for some advice for my 1980 special. when the throttle was at idle. As previously stated, once warmed up, the idle would hang around 3000 rpms. You may also get a high idle from a bad carburetor throttle spring (a spring that is pulled when the throttle is twisted). Jetting sounds ok. Here are the top 13 reasons why your dirt bike won’t idle: Idle set too low; Engine isn’t warm/didn’t leave choke on long enough; Fuel/air screw needs adjustment; Pilot jet too large; Pilot jet or circuit is dirty; EFI injector is dirty; Dirty air filter; Fuel filter clogged/line kinked; Float level set too low; Air leak; Reeds are worn out (2-stroke) Throttle body (-ies) - Damaged or loose throttle body joint - Improperly synchronized throttle bodies - Improperly adjusted engine idling speed (idle adjusting screw) - Improper throttle cable free play - Flooded throttle body - Faulty air induction system ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS Battery - Discharged battery - Faulty battery Spark plug(s) - Incorrect spark plug gap -When idle drops (which happens quickly) push in both clicks, pulling throttle slightly to maintain ~1000 RPM idle -After a couple minutes, bike has warmed sufficiently to idle ~1000 off idle So, my first impression is maybe it's too rich on the idle circuit, but in spring 2021 I set the mixture screws just right (using both plug readings and a Step 2. -When idle drops (which happens quickly) push in both clicks, pulling throttle slightly to maintain ~1000 RPM idle -After a couple minutes, bike has warmed sufficiently to idle ~1000 off idle So, my first impression is maybe it's too rich on the idle circuit, but in spring 2021 I set the mixture screws just right (using both plug readings and a Hey motorcycle brethren, I've got a little issue. Excess Air Intake 2. Routine maintenance is always the answer to keep a throttle working and this should include a pre-ride inspection. Is it drive by wire throttle. Turn it all the way clockwise, counting the number of turns. I put clip on bars on my 2007 sportster. Twist the throttle open a few times and observe the tachometer needle as the RPMs fade. I just picked up a 1980 Honda CM400T and I´m having troubles with it. Stopped-Up Fuel Filter 10. Jun 22, 2009. Rode down my lane and while waiting for traffic at the road it started to idle rough and died. #1. The idle kicks up to 3k rpms, then backs down to 1800 with full choke. 4. Some riders don't even set their bikes to idle. Fouled EFI Injector 11. If I twist the throttle fast it dies immediately. As I give it throttle, in nuetral, the rpm picks up but not as high as I think it should. Re: 2002 ttr90 won't idle??? that is the fuel screw, it is similar to the Air screw on a two stroke, only completely different. I understand that the bike does not need the choke if it will start without but just for my own knowledge should it still work or not if it starts without? The pilot circuit needs an air supply. If my motorcycle has been sitting overnight, I can't get her to start (or maybe catch) unless I twist the throttle and rev the engine. Then you can get at the idle mixture screw. Bad Air Filter 3. Motorcycle Idle Too High. If it idles fine but it bogs down with throttle, your high speed gas jet is probably clogged. Aug 10, 2019. I have an 07 TTR 125L I bought from a friend for my wife. Must hold slight throttle and feather choke to keep engine running. A 125 at most should idle for 10 seconds or less. Clean your carb and spray carb cleaner in all small passages, make sure air can flow through all ports no matter how small. Jul 19, 2015. 9. Everything is put back together but now she won't start. Throttle Valves are not synced properly. If the idle circuits are restricted (by fuel gum, rust dust from the tank or dirty fuel, the results will be 1) the engine will run with "choke" on. It definetly sounds like the fuel is not getting through or an air leak creating a lean condition. Then the air filter fell off and I pulled over about a half mile later. Whle looking behind the air cleaner twist and release the throttle a few times and be sure the mechanism is hitting firmly on the idle stop screw everytime. The bike had not been rode for a while. Got another problem, this time with a different bike. (dont you hate that when people say that) basically, it meters the amount of fuel entering the carb at small openings. Engine will rev with throttle, but is rough at times (because it is choked) 4. If your idle speed setting has slipped below 900 rpm, it will probably stall out without the choke being on. You can clean it throughly,,and disconnect the neg terminal on the battery,,to reset the computer. 3. I had the throttle open just a touch and held the start button until the engine was running as per the Lloyds start up routine. Check for air leaks at carburetor intake manifold tube. Lots of minor back fires. took it to a shop, had them do a leak down and Start the engine and set the tick over screw to get it to run without the need to work the twist grip. Secondly when im cornering unless im on the throttle pretty hard it wants to pop when going in and then bog when coming out. Must maintain slight throttle pressure to idle or it will die. Turn the ignition on and see if it rotates all the way out. 🤗 Welcome to Vegas RoManiac Channel 🤔 U Ever wondered what I use when I ride or fix my bike !? 🤨😍 I ride on this Knobby REAR TIRE - https://amzn. Just installed a used 32/36 (I think it was on a sami before). Luckily a simple few turns should fix the problem. Worked just fine after that. If the only issue is at idle, and since you said cleaning it seemed to help, I'd take another look at the idle jet. Jaguar F822 Member. You have an air leak somewhere. If it is the throttle body will get dirty and cause that problem,,without codes. If engine still does not start, proceed to step #9. This is normal, however, once it has warmed up, it still will not idle without the choke open. Replaced throttle cables and air filter. I'm not sure what you have. My bike did the exact same thing. Twisting it around your arm or a wide pole to separate the wire from its -When idle drops (which happens quickly) push in both clicks, pulling throttle slightly to maintain ~1000 RPM idle -After a couple minutes, bike has warmed sufficiently to idle ~1000 off idle So, my first impression is maybe it's too rich on the idle circuit, but in spring 2021 I set the mixture screws just right (using both plug readings and a If you do get that then we can likely rule out the ECU, Kill switch, Bank sensor, Stop relay, Pump Relay, and the fuses, BUT, if the pump is on its way out the door this can be an issue too. e. October 9, 2012 7:58 AM PDT. You can have fuel in the pilot circuit but if the air supply is blocked off, then engine would not rev up. On my carbs, the pilot jet air comes in through a hole at the carb front, goes down through a hole in the bowl gasket, along a passageway, and mixes with the pilot jet in the bowl. As you give the bike throttle, transition from idle thru low speed and then to main jet occurs, based on rpm and throttle demand. s, say 2. When you open or "twist" the throttle and release, it should be smooth and snap back "closed" without any hesitation. The other thing it will often die after you let of the throttle after mid to high rpm instead of Throttle Valves are not synced properly. Then screw a small sheetmetal screw into the pilot hole and pull the screw and plug out with pliers. 5 turns out on my new motor. 10 min into the ride it stalled. If the pig fires but you have to stay on the throttle to keep it running it may be starving for fuel at idle or the plugs are fouled. What you can do is warm up the bike, set it to a fast idle, and adjust the airscrew to the max rpm (by ear in your case). #7. my bike is a keeway superlight. Take entire carb apart, accelerator pump, bowl, etc. Maladjusted Carburetor Float 7. But once I give it half to full throttle, it runs MidwestHusky HusqvarnaC Class. Had to change out the battery since it would not hold a charge and now it'll idle nicely but dies when give gas. Got a ride planned in two weeks. Any ideas? Specs: 05' Gsxr 600 4500 miles yosh slip on k&n filter new plugs new oil new battery Thanx guys Re: reving high at idle, no throttle-YZ250. When the bike has been sitting, it starts on kick 1. If I hold the throttle slightly open, then it "pulse" idles. Reassembled and installed on engine, it cranks, but only with the choke pulled completely out. But over time it has gotten worse, currently I have about 1/8th usable throttle. When I try to close the choke, it shuts off. 5 turns, and do this for the other three carbs. As long as the choke is at least halfway open, it idles fine. I road my bike yesterday after 2 weeks away. You can check the IAC by removing he air cleaner and with the ignition off remove the IAC and then turn the shaft so it retract in to the body. If you do not have a propane torch spray the carbs down with WD40 when the problem is occuring. 3 Posts. If it has a cable,,Then it could be the idle air,,which also a lot of the times will not throw the engine light. if i put choke on it wont even rev above 4000 and will cut out and wont idle at all. If it runs OK like that, then you'll want to pull the tank and examine the idle adjustment cable and connections, correct the problem, and then increase the October 9, 2012 7:58 AM PDT. Let it idle for 5 mins, putted around the yard and it began to get boggy, wouldn't idle without throttle, died if idled down. This morning I checked to see if the bike would idle; it did not. Will idle at 2500 for 30 seconds then die. Since the rebuild, I've put Got a 99 F4 from my brother to get going to try and sell it. It starts fairly easy but will only run with coke pulled completely out, as soon as i let go it dies. Maybe in the boot between the cylinder and the carb, where the reeds are. Might take a day or two for the seafoam to do its trick. Basically, she'll start up fine and idle around 1500-2000 rpm (full choke) but upon going to 1/2 choke or giving her any throttle, she dies. When this jet clogs it displays the symptoms you mention. (you should hear it tick) And yes there is a way to determine a bad sensor Only show this user. Hello all, I'm into the home stretch with my '74 CT90 but I'm having a problem getting it to idle. Turn the idle screw slowly using a screwdriver, twisting the screw counter-clockwise to lower the motor’s RPM or clockwise to increase RPM. The rough idle may be caused by a valve that is opening too late, choking off fuel. A motorcycle idle that is a little high is not dangerous for your bike but isn’t optimal either. It's been sitting for a good 2-3 years. 10. I replaced it yesterday and did the throttle cable at the same time. On some older DelOrto carbs the vacuum leak would speed up the RPM when warm if the idle adjustment screw o ring was leaking. Try twisting the throttle very slightly and pushing the choke all the way in. Won´t idle without holding throttle open. Posted March 11, 2009. sounded good on choke, but would kill itself in about 10-15 seconds if you didnt give it gas. After a few minutes of warm up it will idle on it's own. (you should hear it tick) And yes there is a way to determine a bad sensor The manufacturers default setting is to turn the fuel mixture screw 1 and 5/8 turns out from seated, but in my case this stalls the motorbike, while the tickover screw is set over the first hole it covers in the carb. #2. It gets worse as the bike It's a 2002 Suzuki Volusia with about 6700 miles. I pull the top off the carb, the bowl has fuel, pull the jets out - spray the Rough Idle - Combustion takes a just a bit longer with more fuel and at lower RPM's the engine can idle rough. If I leave the high idle pulled the bike continues to run. Anyway, I bolt it on. And already it won't idle. Once it is adjusted for max rpmthat's it for the airscrew. Adjusting the idle screw doesn't seem to do anything. to let more fuel in, (richer) turn it out- to let less in, (leaner) turn it in. Put keihin jets in, HRC jets will work great. Fuel Leak 6. Won't idle. You'll need to let out the idle screw and adjust the nuts at the top of the throttle barrel and at the throttle handle itself, until you have the appropriate Start the engine and set the tick over screw to get it to run without the need to work the twist grip. Problem solved! The bike started but would not run without almost full choke. When I first bought the bike, it hadn't been run in awhile, and wouldn't run right. started fine and idled great with no choke. You've got to run it for a while, but in any case, if it sounds fine when you keep the throttle open, I doubt that a fuel restriction is your current problem. This is very frustrating for her as But ultimately a little throttle keeps it going, then it will idle. Engine starts with medium choke and slight throttle. Wait 10 min before you reconnect the battery. Mine is about 1. The bike was serviced at the same time. Stop adjusting the screw when the tachometer indicates the desired RPM range. When the bike is warm, will idle for 15 seconds at 2500 when started, then die. just bought an 06 and had the same issue. i have disassembled the carb, even took the plastic slide guide out and cleaned everything with The FI cleaner won't work instantly. if i screw the fuel screw out by about two more turns so almost four turns out from seated, letting more fuel in, the bike idles It will idle decent with the choke on when you first crank it up (cold) but as soon as it gets warm and you take the choke off, it will not idle at all-it dies every time she comes to a stop (even if she is in neutral or has the clutch pulled in). You will find that one or more carbs are not the same, so this will reset them all to 2. (TPS) Throttle Position Sensor is not adjusted properly. Once it's warm, I can usually choke it and give it some throttle while starting in order to get it going. Basically you want them to all be exactly the same, as the pilot/low speed jet adjusts the mixture at idle/low throttle openings. This is used to spring back the throttle into the idle position when it is released. Finally it died for good and wouldnt refire. Husqvarna Motorcycle: 13' TXC 310R. I let it idle while getting riding gear on. If it doesn't then you have a connection problem. For some reason, it won't idle when the choke is completely off. in your case, when Some bikes are very sensitive to cable routing. I remember the last ride and it was back firing pretty good and had to ride with the choke out. Last week while turning out of my driveway the bike (03 ultra electra glide) died on me, at the same time I felt something "snap" in my throttle grip. Today I put in fresh gas and a good measure of Seafoam and started her up. Yesterday afternoon my bike stopped running at traffic lights, i. It seems like there is to much gas because it smells rich and when it does New battery. It will not stay at an elevated idle as it did when it was brand new. Unlike a miss-fire on a spark plug this idle seems fine if the idle is turned up just a bit. Dirty, Dirty Carburetor 4. I cant get the bike to idle without turning the idle screw up to where it revs entirely too high. Aug 2, 2009. 5 turns out. Turned out to be a broken idle cable. If you had the same problem as me, this will fix your issue, but create the new one of not having a good balance. It hasn't been starting with just a key turn. The bike would start and run if I held the rpms above 2000. Hi. If engine still does not start, proceed to step #10. I tore the bike down, tested the coil with my multimeter. Check throttle cable. Got a 99 F4 from my brother to get going to try and sell it. Garage is likely not evenly heated, so bike could be 0. I understand that the bike does not need the choke if it will start without but just for my own knowledge should it still work or not if it starts without? A 125 at most should idle for 10 seconds or less. Seeing as it was my first bike, I decided to rebuild the carb to get all the gunk out, as well as balance it. I have to give it a little throttle to start. Expect to see some white smoke out of the exhaust. The motor will start but will not idle without manually holding about 1/8 throttle . Ok, I know this sounds simple but are you sure the throttle is returning all the way. There is no happy spot. Of course, after towing it my dealer, it started and idled fine for the technician. Get a can of WD40 or similar and spray it around the carb rubbers, joints et cetera and see if there is a change in revs when you spray in certain areas. Also, when I get on the throttle, it will shut off unless Re: reving high at idle, no throttle-YZ250. #3 · Dec 29, 2011. Check the condition of your air filter and try adjusting your slow idle to Let soak for an hour, removed and used the spray can again to clean out all ports, blew dry with compressed air. With Mikuni carbs, the idle circuits affect engine performance up to 3000 rpm under light loads. Start the bike moving in an area where you have lots of room and very gradually twist the throttle till you reach wide open. to/2MQm5 Perform the same "look thru" and you'll see no light or very little. Some carbs have three jets. Brought it home and started the bike. 2) poor or no throttle response below 3000rpm,3) back firing and missing on the effected cylinder (s). I had a bike in exactly this situation and it helped to get it going as fast as possible using the idle, gun the throttle, then let off before you've almost stopped and it dies. If that doesn't work, you may need to tear the carbs down and clean everything really well. Here are list of symptoms for my new build: 1. Hi there relatively new to the forum and bikes for that matter, my problem is well were do i start. Not sure if I'm having the same issue, but my 310R ran great for around 5 hours, now it starts fine, but when i use the cold start knob the bike idles somewhat erratically. Barely got it home by feathering the At TJ Brutal Customs, we specialize in Honda Shadows, vintage metric bikes, and all kinds of fabrication - from full frames to exhaust and fenders - focusing on custom fab work, full builds and You'll have to remove the carburetor and turn it upside down to drill a 1/16th inch pilot hole in the 92066 plug, amigo. Scenarios: 1. Run that through the engine until things smooth out. I have turned the idle screw up all the way and it still won't maintain a steady idle. -2006 450R. Bike originally would kick start fine within 1 or 2 kicks, idle like a champ, but any throttle would kill it immediately. Save. The pilot jet doesn't allow transition and the bike falters from about 2000 to 5/6 k rpm. I have cleaned out the carb and sprayed all orifices with carb cleaner. Started the bike back to ride home. Right now it starts up easy, 1 - 2 kicks, and if you hold the throttle open a crack it stays running but when you let go the idle gets progressively slower until it dies. 5:1, ported, 43mm carb, web cam, dasa, buncha other goodies. Took the carb apart, cleaned it and put it back together and still popped and backfired and everything. Frustratingly, it seems to be another carb related problem. The bike dies immediately! I pull the high idle and the bike takes a kick maybe 2 and starts right up. Remove airbox lid. Prior to my purchase the previous owner, a friend, said he cleaned the carbs. The bike hasn't been running to my knowledge for 4-5 months. If bike was running flawlessly I can not comprehend how replacing throttle cables unless a problem arose while changing cables that would cause this bike to crank but not run. It either wont do it or it does it too high. I had a weber 38 on the truck before, trying the 32/36 to see if I get a MPG increase. On riding the bike the Make sure it sits down flush, tighten everything back up, and have a go. The bike ran until warm then shit off the high idle button. The other thing it will often die after you let of the throttle after mid to high rpm instead of The bike started ok although it popped back through the intake hard at one point. I can start the bike up with the help of starter fluid when cold. I can start it by giving 1/3 throttle then play with the throttle cable adjustment but when it drops to idle rpm's it dies. #8. Air Leak 5. But it wouldn't idle without dying. . The Many Causes of Idle-Related Malfunction Here’s Why Your Motorcycle Won’t Idle Without Throttle 1. I got it home and put If you do get that then we can likely rule out the ECU, Kill switch, Bank sensor, Stop relay, Pump Relay, and the fuses, BUT, if the pump is on its way out the door this can be an issue too. Nov 2, 2017. The bike just got a full tune up and it has always done this but i figures the tune up would fix this. - Take the bike out of the garage (using tonight as an example), park it in front to close the garage door. If you are using the throtle cable to make it idle, you are actually bypassing the idle screw. That's where my leak was. Air-to-Fuel Ratio Adjustment 9. 2. Heath.

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